Decentralized Exchange (DEX) To Be On Terra Classic Chain Soon

RexYellerBelly, one of the members of the Terra classic community group TerraCVita, gave the clue on the development of a decentralized exchange, DEX, after seeing the comment of the community in response to his recent request on what they expect on the chain.

DEX To Be On Terra classic Chain

ReYellerBelly said in a recent tweet; “Thank you all for your replies, some great ideas, it seems a Dex, would be pretty popular,” the TerraCVita member wrote. “Let’s get IBCs activated and see where LUNC goes.”

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He said this following it request from the community on their choice DApps they would like to see on the chain. The community’s comment contained more of DEX.

Code To Re-enable IBC Is Ready

As reported by Cryptolifedigital, the re-enabling of the IBC protocol would allow the chain to communicate and transfer tokens with other sovereign blockchains in the Cosmos ecosystem. However, the process has to go through a community vote first as requested by Gadikian.

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The Terra Rebel will create an avenue for voting while the code to re-enable IBC is under testing. Re-enabling IBC would be one of the major milestones toward achieving technology parity with Terra 2.0.

Furthermore, it is undoubtedly that there would be a greater burn following the re-enabling of IBC.

However, the full Cosmo interoperability will be completed by December as the CosWasm upgrade needed to achieve this full functionality will come with the v23 Terra classic upgrade which is slated to happen in December.

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