SHIB Burn Rate Spikes 299.43% As Shiba Inu Community Burns A Total Of 26,248,144 SHIB, Total SHIB Burn Sits At 410.38T Point

In a recent development, a total of 26,248,144 (26.24M) SHIB has been destroyed by the SHIB Army in the past 24 hours and following the SHIB Burn rate spiked over 299.43%.

Shiba Inu Community Burns 26.24 million SHIB

Shiba Inu community is reported to have initiated a burn that claimed 26.24 million SHIB in just five separate transactions and a single transaction out of the five claimed a whopping 10,364,304 SHIB.

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SHIB Burn Rate Spikes 283.91%

The burn of over 10 million contributed to the prominent spike in SHIB burn rate as it spiked the burn volume. It is reported to cause a massive spike of 299.43%

The recent burns placed the total SHIB burn record to a whopping 410.38T SHIB representing about 41.03337% of the initial fixed SHIB supply of 1Quadrillion.

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It is worth noting that Shiba Inu’s current supply occupies a whopping amount of over 589.61 trillion, having over 561.09 trillion in circulation while the rest is being staked by the whale investors in ShibaSwap.

In a recent tweet, Shibburn reported that the Shiba Inu community incinerated a total of 881,736,643 (881.73M) SHIB in October. The massive burn was made in a total of 176 transactions.

It is worth noting that two of the community-led burn initiatives which include  “SHIB Super Store” and “1Cent token” contributed significantly to the burn in October.

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