Unknown Whales Move A Whopping 492.94 million XRP In The Past 24 Hours, Ripple Gets More Support From Platforms Against SEC


According to a recent tweet by Whale Alert, Whales initiated a massive transaction that claimed a whopping 492,942,004 (492.94 million) Ripple’s XRP in the past 24 hours.

The record revealed that the transaction occurred a few hours after Ripple, the lead blockchain company locked a massive 1.2 billion XRP in the escrow wallet.

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Details Of Whales XRP Transaction

According to the Whale Alert, a transaction occurred which involved the transferring of a whopping 67,509,674 (67.5 million) XRP from FTX to an address on the world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance, in three separate transactions. The worth of the transaction at the time of the transaction was almost $30.42 million.

Following this massive XRP movement, Binance exchange entered the suite to initiate the transaction that moved a total of 68,761,155 (68.7 million) XRP worth about $31 million to an unknown wallet in three transactions.

As noted by Whale Alert, 14 hours after the above transactions, a whopping 25  million XRP worth $11.51 million were transferred to an address on Bitstamp exchange, an ODL’s partner.

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Following this, an unknown whale transferred a whopping 140 million XRP worth $62.97 million from one unknown wallet to another anonymous wallet.

Another anonymous Whale initiated a transfer of 25 million XRP coins (approximately $11.3 million) to an address on the Bitstamp trading platform.

Following the massive deposit of XRP into Bitstamp by Whale, an unknown whale made a withdrawal of 23,371,175 (23.37 million) XRP tokens worth $10.56 million from the same exchange.

Another ODL partner, Bitso, received a whopping 60 million XRP worth $27.34 million from an anonymous whale.

it was barely an hour when an unknown whale withdrew a total of 83.4 million XRP ($37.82 million) from the Bitso exchange.

Cryptotillian Request To File Amicus Brief

It is worth noting that the interest of Whales increases daily even as Ripple approaches the victory line against SEC. Aside from companies like I-Remit, TapJet, and others that have thrown their hands of support for Ripple in the ongoing lawsuits, another company, cryptotillian, has thrown support by requesting to file an amicus brief in favour of Ripple without having any collaboration with the blockchain company.

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