Whales Move A Whopping Over 259 Million XRP, It Spikes 10% In The Past 24 Hours.


The recent development revealed that a whopping 259 million XRP plus token has been moved by whales as the price spike 10% in the last 24 hours and at the same time the SRP token is currently performing beyond the greatest assets by the market capitalization.

Whales Move Over 259 Million XRP As XRP Spikes 10%

The massive movement of the Ripple’s token has been the habit of the whale as they frequently move massively over time. The community of Ripple has just noticed another movement of a whopping 259.4M XRP tokens in six whale transactions within the past 24 hours amid the market’s comeback against the bears.

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The massive movement has been recently noted by the whale Alert which was as follows with the addresses:

  • The first transaction saw a whopping 30 million worth $10.3M between two wallet addresses within the Luxembourg-based exchange Bitstampat at exactly 2:38 PM (UTC) on 14th November.
  • Some hours after the first transaction, it was noted that a whopping 60 million XRP worth over 21 million dollars was transferred to Bitstamp, an ODL’s partner by an unknown wallet at exactly 8:01 PM (UTC) on November 14.
  • Shortly after this time, another massive transfer was made which lead to the movement of 63.8 million XRP worth $22.4 million. This time, the transfer was between the two addresses within Bitstamp.

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  • An ODL’s partner, Bitso, got a massive deposit from another ODL partner, BitStamp which involved 30 million worth over 10 million dollars at 8:01 PM.
  • Shortly after, Bitso saw an outflow of 43.2M XRP worth $15.3M at 8:15 PM (UTC).
  • Another massive transfer was made after the above which lead to the movement of about 32.4M XRP worth $11.9M from the world’s largest exchange Binance on November 15, 4:07 AM (UTC).

XRP spikes To Becoming Most Gaining Tokens

It is worth noting that the massive transactions coincide with the panic pumped into space by the FTX saga and more also, and it is not common to witness such an amount of transfer at a time when an increase hits an asset’s price action in volatility.

Notably, there was a massive transfer of over 244M XRP when the XRP price plummeted on Nov 11.

Consequently, the price of Ripple’s token soars over 10% in the past 24 hours making it the topmost trading asset in the time frame among the list of 20 cryptos by market cap.

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