Friday, January 27

Terra Classic Burns Over 142 Million LUNC On A New Year’s Day, LUNC Burn Rate Spikes Over 69k%

According to the tweet shared by the LunaBurnTracker, Terra Classic supporters burnt over 142 million LUNC on new year’s day and consequently Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) burn rate spiked by over 6,900%.

Terra classic Incinerates Over 142 Million LUNC On New Year

According to further investigation, the burn was initiated via two different large transactions.

According to the record, Allnodes set a staggering 123.7 million LUNC on fire in a single transaction, representing over 87% of all the LUNC burns on that day.

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It took the total LUNC burn from the popular validator to about 344.3 million LUNC, the third most significant contribution to LUNC burns by any validator per data from #LUNCPenguins. It is the sixth-largest burner of LUNC overall.

Following the first transaction, TerraCasino issued the burner post by setting 18 million LUNC to the burn wallet, extending its total LUNC burn to about 42.7 million LUNC. 

The recent tweet shared by Allnodes, a custodial hosting and staking service provider, revealed that an endpoints suite named PublicNode has been released and will provide endpoints for Decentralized Applications launched on the Terra Classic network and those built on another blockchain which includes Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and Evmos.

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At the moment, the Terra Classic community has launched several burn initiatives since the ecosystem collapse in May last year to reduce the resulting 6.9 trillion LUNC supply. So far, together with support from validators and exchanges, it has burnt over 36.9 billion LUNC, representing over 0.5% of the supply.

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