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Terra Classic (LUNC) Ranks First Among Among Over 4,000 Assets In Terms Of Social Activity: Lunar Crush’s AltRank

According to the recent analysis done by the Lunar Crush’s AltRank, the Terra Classic (LUNC) is currently holding the top spot amongst 4,022 assets evaluated in the week leading to December 2.

It is worth noting that massive interest in Terra Classic has resulted in its social activity spike and it could also be traced to the reports of Binance’s burn for November. This increased social activity has skyrocketed the asset’s position in Lunar Crush’s AltRank, securing the top spot amongst 4,022 assets evaluated in the week leading to December 2.

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Lunar Crush’s AltRank Places LUNC In First Position In Terms Of Social Activity

Notably, the analysis was disclosed by Lunar Crush in the early hours of Saturday, highlighting the rejuvenation of social activities within the LUNC camp.

“…Terra Classic has hit an AltRank™ of 1 out of the top 4,023 coins across the market,” Lunar Crush revealed, sharing a dashboard detailing Terra Classic’s social metrics and trade volume.

Per the writing on the dashboard, it revealed that the LUNC is currently occupying the first position among the over 4,000 coins and in the same view, the asset now has an average part of 93rd out of the 4,022 coins. Additionally, social contributors surged by 21.9% in the past week, with social engagements increasing by a staggering 71.3%.

Aside from the price changes, Terra Classic’s recent relief rally placed at position 273rd asset with the most significant gains among the 4,022 cryptos across the general market.

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Much more than this, its asset’s trading volume surge currently made the asset occupies position 18th out of 4,022 coins in terms of volume. It sits 20th amongst the 4,022 coins evaluated in terms of social volume and social score.

Binance Remains The Strongest Arm Of LUNC burns

It is worth noting that Binance has been one of the strongest hands in the LUNC burns since the inception of the burning parameter. At the moment, the largest exchange top the LUNC burners with the burning of almost 6.3B LUNC tokens for its November batch on December 1, making its total burn sit at 20.1B point.

Aside from Binance, there have been a lot of platforms that have thrown their strong support around the tax burn since its inception. Exchanges like KuCoin, MEXC Global, CoinInn, and many others added their support.

A few weeks after the launching of the 1.2% tax burn proposal, the Terra Classic got the reason to decrease the tax burn from the former point to 0.2%, saying that the former lead to a decrease in the trading volume.

At the moment, LUNC has maintained the highest gainer in the past seven days bypassing Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), XRP (XRP), and a host of others. With a one-week gain of 10.14%, LUNC is changing hands at $0.0001786, with a market cap of $1.07B as of press time.

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