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Garuda The Protector, A P2E Game Project To Lunch On Terra Classic Blockchain Soon, Utility Increases

Garuda the Protector, an upcoming play-to-earn (P2E) game project, will launch on the Terra Classic blockchain in the second quarter of this year. The move is expected to introduce more utility to the network on its journey to revival.

It is no news that the ultimate thing on the mind of the Terra classic community is building the network beyond the way it was before the May Terra crash that claimed multi-million funds, the recent news support the claim that the LUNC community is working tirelessly to build a chain.

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Garuda P2E Game To Launch On LUNC Network

Garuda Nodes recently introduced the upcoming project with a mission to support the Terra Classic community through project building and token burns.

According to the announcement made by the Garuda Nodes, calling the community members to mint their Garuda (a playable character in the game) at – a notable NFT marketplace and launchpad on the Terra network. The collection has a total of 500 Garuda NFTs, with each piece going for 117,000 LUNC (~$20).

About 201 NFTs have been minted as press time, with 299 pieces left. In addition to the upcoming game, Garuda Nodes also canvassed support from the community in terms of delegation, with a promise to introduce more utility to the network.

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Community React Towards The Update

It is worth noting that the update has gotten the attention of many community members, and several LUNC proponents applaud the validator for the efforts. Notably, prominent LUNC development group TerraCVita called attention to the development, lauding the team and encouraging them to “keep building.”

Aside from the above recommendation, another Fellow LUNC validator BetterLunc expressed excitement over the upcoming project and asked if the community should expect it to contribute to token burns. In response, Garuda Nodes confirmed plans to introduce on-chain tax burns and intentions to burn some of the revenue generated from the game.

As promised by the community, saying that the utility of the LUNC would be increased as a means of aiding its price. The proposed launch of the Garuda is believed to bring massive adoption of blockchain, highlighting the community’s dedication to bolstering the asset’s revival campaign.

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