Play To Earn Game P2E: What Does It Mean?

One of the most interesting and entertaining aspects of the Art Industry is Gaming, The Gaming Industry has over the years experienced massive Growth and this growth has contributed to more and more revenue in the digital space, Play-to-earn Games (P2E) has also put the industry at the edge over intellectual property and the world of Technology in General.

The increase in the gaming industry is said to be boosted by the pandemic, during the pandemic as people were at home, a lot of people saw the play-to-earn games as an opportunity to socialize and make money, while others saw it just for entertainment. The play-to-earn game has gained popularity as a novelty form of a video game, the interesting thing about play to earn game which is the reason for much participation is the fact that at the end of the game the player will be rewarded. This article will explain more about the concept of P2E.

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What does play-to-earn mean?

Play-to-earn is an online game that allows players and creators to earn money after the game, in the process of the game, the player is expected to deposit some money to unlock the game, and at the end of the game, he will gain more money if he wins, but if the player loses the deposit will go to the creator of the game.

The gaming industry has been Monetizing its infrastructure before the inception of play-to-earn (P2E) games, but play-to-earn-game brought wealth to the industry and also brought relevance to top-skilled players, while less famous players continue to strive to also reach a peak in the world of the game.

Also in the world of cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and non-fungible token (NFT) play-to-earn game uses blockchain technology to reward winners, that is, the winner will be rewarded with some crypto coin or NFTs and then this coin and NFTs can then be converted or sold out for real-life money. One of those games is Atocha Protocol; in Atocha, the creator will create a game and stake some Ato coins, interested players will also stake some coins to unlock the game, at the end of the game the player may win the creator’s coin if he wins the game or the creator may win the players coin if the player loses.

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How to benefit from P2E  

There are both financial and social and mental benefits from P2E games.

Financial Benefits

a player of the game can be getting passive income aside from his stable income, this can only happen when a player is good enough to command winning, winning a game involves determination from the player, it also require the player to develop new strategies always.

Social benfits

the second benefit is the effect of socialization, during the lockdown, a lot of people were bored at home which in some cases is capable of causing depression, the e-game connected a lot of people together by allowing them trade in-game items which can later be converted into real-world currency.

Mental Benefits

P2E also has a great impact on the intellectual development of any player, be it the winner or loser, For the player of the game, his intellectual capacity will develop in the process of thinking his way through to win the game. In any game, the strategy and mental skills of the player are what guarantee success, also it helps a person to learn the act of decision-making, that is to say, if a person loses the game, he takes the responsibility of arriving at a dead end because of his decision, when he is taking the next decision in the next game he will be more careful and more strategic so that he will not lose again.

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 P2E and the Future

P2E has the potential of contributing to the future by helping people build good finances, to build a healthy financial life through P2E a player must learn to think strategically, a player or individual that constantly thinks strategically to win P2E will not only be good in the game but will also possess the ability to solve complex situations in his immediate environment.

The increase in P2E has attracted a lot of creators who venture into the e-gaming world, and it has now become a competition on which game is convenient for a player, the recent spark in the world of cryptocurrency is surrounded by developers’ ability to create interesting games. However, the future of P2E lies in the ability of these developers to maintain security and trust in the system, these will lead to higher milestones for the play-to-earn games in the future.

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