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A Proposal That Will Terminate The Appointment Of Tobias Andersen Has Been Submitted, None Has Voted Yes For It.

The recent development revealed that a proposal that will allow the Terra Classic community to remove developer Tobias Andersen popularly known as Zaradar, from the recently-formed Joint L1 Task Force has been submitted for voting. 

According to the allegation laid up against him, saying  Zaradar’s presence does not benefit the Terra Classic blockchain.

The proposal Is Submitted To Terminate Tobias Andersen’s Appointment

Proposal 11383, submitted over 19 hours ago as of press time, points out that working on the Terra Classic blockchain goes beyond an individual’s software development skills but also requires professionalism.

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More also, the proposal noted that he lacks a sense of professionalism, saying that Zaradar is liable to change the situation of things in the Terra Classic to suit his selfish gain.

Furthermore, the fact that the community pool funds the L1 team was called to attention. According to the proposal, individuals getting paid by the community to carry out work on the blockchain should be “factual” and “truthful.”

Following the above requirement, the proposal concluded that the survival of the Terra Classic chain is at stake should be allowed to retain his role in the L1 team and should be replaced with someone else.

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Zaradar Answers The Allegation against Him

Responding to the proposal, Zaradar quoted a renowned statement from Sir Winston Churchill, a former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something sometime in your life.”

Voting Report

The votes cast on the proposal so far suggest that the community does not agree with the content of the text. As of the time of writing, 18 validators have voted, with 6 votings “No” and 11 opting for “No with Veto.” Only 1 validator has chosen to abstain, and none has voted “Yes” to the proposal.

Voting on the proposal is expected to close in 6 days, but the community consensus has already exceeded the veto threshold as of press time.

 Notably, the L1 team was created last December following Zaradar’s departure from the Terra Rebels group and the team formed by Zaradar alongside Edward Kim released its first funding proposal on Dec. 24, seeking $141K+ for work on the LUNC chain for Q1 2023.

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