Against All Odd XRP May Hit $5: The Only Coin To Pass Eth’s Market Cap

XRP may hit $5 in the foreseeable future since it is the only coin to pass Eth’s, Market Cap. This was disclosed by Mason Versluis, a renowned crypto podcaster and the founder of Gold Squad.

This was made known in his expression of confidence in the potential of XRP as the only coin to have passed the Ethereum market Cap.

Versluis recently tweeted that it will be easy to make a mockery of anyone that suggests that XRP would ever be able to hit $5.

This is because XRP needs a price surge of close to 900% from its current price to be able to hit $5 in the nearest future.

It may sound satirical to Some proponents about the asset’s capability to reach such an extent.

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However, the Podcaster further explains that the community should disregard the attempt to underestimate XRP because it is the only asset to have ever pas Ethereum Market Capitalization.

This example is enough to boost anyone’s confidence in the feat that the asset can pull.

Note that XRP has passed Ethereum Market Capitalization on numerous occasions in the past, first, it was on the 8th day of May 2017, when the asset hit a valuation of $8.347 billion, at a time when ETH was standing at $8.341 billion.

The achievement made XRP the second-largest crypto asset. The second time was in December 2017 making it twice in one year, and the third was in September of 2018.

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Is the Value Of XRP Degraded?

Some people presently believe that the price of XRP currently is undervalued. The obvious pointer to this is the long-standing Litigation between Ripple and SEC.

However, they conclude that there is possibly going to be a surge in the price of the asset at the end of the litigation which will trigger the asset to $5 in price.

Recall that SEC and Ripple have been in court on the ground of Security assets, the event has been going on for a while now, however, there is a possibility of seeing an end to the case as everyone in the community anticipates the last ruling soon.

Meanwhile, there are some people that give several reasons why the asset’s value should be more than what it is now, adding that the current price is way below its potential.

Also, several analysts have predicted a looming XRP, one of them is Egrag, a notable chartist, he emphasizes that XRP’s next Trajectory may take it up to $3.3 or $250.

Currently, XRP is trading at $0.5005, up 3.67% in the past 24 hours.

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