No more guarantee that Ripple will win the court case says BitBoy

BitBoy recently broadcast on tweeter that Ripple may not win the ongoing litigation against the US Security and Exchange Commission Security (SEC).

Ben Amstrong, the popular crypto enthusiast known as BitBoy expressed that he is no longer confident on whether the case will be ruled in favor of Ripple, looking at new revelations.

This was made known in his recent tweeter broadcast, in which he and his team gave scrutiny on the current XRP price, some of the headlines that surround XRP, and the current lawsuit by the US SEC.

Bitboy called the attention of the community member to the latest information given by Garlinhouse concerning the date of the final ruling on the case.

As reported last week by Cryptolifedigital, Garlinghouse last week disclosed that the community should expect the ruling in a few weeks not months.

According to Bitboy, there are speculations that the case is over, and what they are waiting for is the formal announcement.

He further remarked “I don’t know if that’s true. I told you guys like June or July {…} we’re getting very close. And it is going to be absolutely amazing when this thing is over one way or the other”

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BitBoy expressed optimism that the conclusion on the case has the potential of impacting the crypto world positively or negatively. It will impact positively if Ripple wins, but they will be a negative impact if SEC wins.

He added that most of the time he was confident in Ripple winning the case, but now he is not confident in their winning tendency anymore.

According to him; “I do think that’s what’s going to happen, but it’s not guaranteed, guy” he commented on the chances of Ripple in the case; “ I thought it was guaranteed for the longest time – I’d say. 99.9% sure, but the way the government’s going now, I don’t know.”

Despite the idea regarding the ongoing litigation, BitBoy’s sentiment toward XRP remains focused.

In the broadcast recently made by him, he mentioned the fact that XRP has continued to witness growth against all odds which could be a factor affecting the coin’s price positively as it has already been in an increase lately.

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Garlinghouse Remains Optimistic

Disregarding all media speculations, the CEO of Ripple remains optimistic that the final ruling will favor Ripple.

One of these remarks was at the XRP Las Vegas event. According to him; “We’re gonna win this thing,”

As the litigation continues to unfold, XRP’s community is strengthened by the fact that there is consistency in the growth level of the network, as it is not affected by the ongoing case.

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