Terra Classic Dev Floats FLOKI Listing: Could It Spark Revival for Both Projects?

Rexyz, a prominent developer within the Terra Classic (LUNC) community, recently sparked discussion on Twitter by posing a question: what if FLOKI, the meme coin associated with Shiba Inu, were listed on TerraClassic and traded on Terraport, the decentralized exchange for the network?

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LUNC Community and FLOKI: A Curious Intersection

Rexyz highlights the existing interest within the LUNC community towards FLOKI. This could be due to several factors:

  • Shared Meme Coin Enthusiasm: Both LUNC and FLOKI have their roots in the meme coin movement, attracting a similar investor base.
  • Potential for Synergy: Listing FLOKI on TerraClassic could bring new users and trading activity to the LUNC ecosystem, potentially benefiting both projects.
  • FLOKI’s Recent Surge: Rexyz’s tweet coincides with a significant price increase for FLOKI, currently hovering around $0.0002727, representing a 56.66% jump. This positive momentum could be enticing for the LUNC community.

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Uncertainties and Potential Benefits

While a FLOKI listing on TerraClassic and Terraport might seem attractive, there are uncertainties to consider:

  • Impact on LUNC Price: The influx of FLOKI trading activity might not necessarily translate to a rise in LUNC’s price.
  • Community Response: Not all members of the LUNC community might welcome the addition of another token.
  • Regulation and Security: Listing a meme coin like FLOKI could raise concerns regarding regulatory compliance and potential security risks.

Potential Benefits for Both Projects

Despite the uncertainties, a FLOKI listing could offer potential benefits for both projects:

  • Increased Liquidity for FLOKI: A listing on Terraport could expose FLOKI to a new user base and potentially increase its liquidity.
  • Boost for TerraClassic Ecosystem: The addition of FLOKI could attract new users to the TerraClassic ecosystem and generate renewed interest in LUNC.

LUNC Community Holds the Key

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to list FLOKI on TerraClassic lies with the LUNC community. Rexyz’s tweet serves as a starting point for discussion, and the community’s response will determine if this potential collaboration becomes a reality.

Looking Ahead: A Calculated Decision Needed

If the LUNC community decides to pursue a FLOKI listing, careful consideration of the potential risks and benefits is crucial. Open communication and a focus on long-term sustainability should guide any decision-making process.

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