Uncovering the Mystery: What’s Behind the Enormous PEPE Whale’s Massive Collection of 881B+ Coins?

High-profile cryptocurrency investors continue to acquire PEPE, a meme coin that has been performing well, despite the current market fluctuations. Lookonchain, a platform for monitoring cryptocurrencies, has drawn attention to the most recent activity of a large crypto holder with the initials “0x689d6140.”

According to the latest update, this large holder withdrew 231.6 billion PEPE, valued at over $2.9 million, from the U.S.-based Kraken exchange earlier today. This comes after a withdrawal of 36 billion PEPE from the exchange two days ago.

Records on the blockchain show that this investor has been amassing PEPE since March, with the total amount withdrawn from Kraken exceeding 750.34 billion PEPE tokens, valued at over $8.34 million.

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It’s worth noting that this accumulation has taken place without any sales during the periods when PEPE’s value was increasing, as well as when it subsequently declined. For example, when the meme coin was at its highest value in late May, the holder purchased 123.8 billion PEPE.

Despite significant price drops, with PEPE’s value decreasing by more than 28% from its all-time high, the large holder bought an additional 231.6 billion PEPE just 12 hours ago. Lookonchain estimates that the total acquisition by the large holder over the past 90 days was at an average price of $X per PEPE.

Besides the wallet “0x689d6140,” other significant entities have also been accumulating PEPE recently. Only yesterday, Nascent, a group that aids early-stage cryptocurrency founders, acquired more than 447.66 billion PEPE tokens from Binance. This was following a withdrawal of 4.48 million PEPE two days earlier.

Additionally, Lookonchain identified a new wallet that acquired 202.4 billion PEPE from Binance on June 3. In total, significant holders have acquired at least 881.67 billion PEPE this month.

Meanwhile, Lookonchain reported a large holder who deposited 365.96 billion PEPE, valued at $5.3 million, into Binance for profit on June 4. This large holder had previously withdrawn 365.96 billion PEPE, valued at $494,000, from the MEXC exchange in December 2023. Essentially, the investor turned $494,000 into $5.3 million in less than six months, resulting in a profit of $4.82 million and an ROI of 976%.

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