LUNC Community Champion Donates to Unofficial Terra Classic Website Project

A dedicated member of the Luna Classic (LUNC) community has stepped forward to champion the development of an unofficial Terra Classic website. This news highlights the first weekly donation made towards this initiative.

Leading by Example: Weekly Donations from Validator Income

The community member, operating a validator node on the Terra Classic network, has pledged to donate 50% of their weekly validator commission to support the website project. This commitment translates to a significant contribution of approximately 500,000 LUNC every week.

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Total Contribution Surpasses 1.5 Million LUNC

When combined with a previous one-time donation of 1 million LUNC, the total contribution from this community member reaches an impressive 1.5 million LUNC. This act of generosity demonstrates a strong belief in the importance of a dedicated information hub for the Terra Classic ecosystem.

Multiple Ways to Support the Project

The news encourages the wider LUNC community to participate in supporting this initiative. Here are three highlighted methods:

  1. Direct Donations: Community members can contribute LUNC directly to the designated wallet address (terra1amxdfw6e58e929rdswmfj73hdls984lnta8f7g).
  2. Delegation with Committed Validator: Delegating LUNC to the validator operated by the community member automatically contributes 50% of the weekly commission to the website project.
  3. Spreading the Word: Sharing news about the project on social media platforms (replace X with specific platforms) and engaging in discussions within the Telegram group can help raise awareness and attract further support.

A Call to Action for the Community

This news serves as a call to action for the LUNC community. By joining forces through donations, delegation, and active participation, the community can ensure the successful development of a comprehensive and informative website for the Terra Classic ecosystem.

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The Importance of a Dedicated Website

The creation of an unofficial Terra Classic website is seen as a crucial step towards establishing a central hub for information, attracting new users, and fostering a stronger sense of community within the LUNC ecosystem.

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