Rexyz on LUNC: A Speculative Surge or Sustainable Growth?

Rexyz, a prominent figure in the Terra Classic (LUNC) development community, recently shared his thoughts on LUNC’s price potential and the impact of memes within the ecosystem. Let’s dissect his insights and explore the factors influencing LUNC’s future.

Rexyz on Technical Analysis: A Skeptical View

Rexyz expresses his reservations about technical analysis (TA), a method used by some traders to predict future price movements based on historical price charts and trading indicators. He suggests that LUNC’s price may not strictly adhere to typical TA patterns.

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LUNC’s Cyclical Nature: Support and Potential Surge

Despite his scepticism towards TA, Rexyz highlights LUNC’s historical tendency to exhibit cyclical price movements. He observes that LUNC has historically found support around $0.0001 (USD). This suggests a potential price floor for the token. Additionally, Rexyz predicts a possible 50% price increase shortly.

Undervaluation: A Bullish Perspective

Rexyz believes LUNC is currently undervalued. This implies that the token’s price doesn’t accurately reflect its potential or utility. However, it’s important to note that “undervaluation” is a subjective term. Market forces ultimately determine the price of an asset.

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The Power of Memes: Fueling On-Chain Activity

Rexyz recognizes the influence of memes within the LUNC ecosystem. He suggests that periods of increased meme activity often coincide with surges in LUNC’s price. Memes can generate excitement and attract new investors, potentially contributing to price increases. Platforms like Terraport (a crypto exchange built for Terra Classic) and CoinHall (whose exact role is unclear, but likely community-focused) could play a role in amplifying these memes.

A Look Ahead: Balancing Optimism with Caution

Rexyz’s tweet offers a mixed perspective on LUNC’s future. While he acknowledges the potential for a 50% price pump, his scepticism towards TA suggests a cautious approach. The role of memes, while potentially impactful, can also be unpredictable.

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