American Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia (AmCham Mongolia) Welcomes IOG Of Cardano As The First Blockchain Partner

The AmCham members announced the arrival of the IOHK to their platform. The announcement was made on Tuesday by the American Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia.

Fortunately, AmCham Mongolia made it known that IOG is the only blockchain company in the organization. More also, AmCham Mongolia says in the tweets that the IOG focuses on the decentralized remote working organization committed to the highest principles of academic rigor and evidence-based software development. They build high-assurance blockchain infrastructure solutions for public, private sector, and government clients.

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Facts About AmCham Mongolia

AmCham Mongolia was established 11 years ago as a catalyst for greater business and economic growth between the United States and Mongolia. The focus is to bring public and private sector leaders together to discuss the issues members experience and the opportunity for growing business and trade. Presently there are 71 members on the platform.

They collectively communicate and advocate effectively for a level playing field for business and a private sector-driven free market economy in Mongolia.

The IOG on its own has been looking every month to initiate various blockchains in Asia just like they are doing in Africa. Hoskinson, the Cardano founder and CEO of IOHK revealed the plans to release a P2P lending network in February Africa.

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Hard Fork On The Way.

Asides from the above updates, the Cardano has lines of projects to be launched. The major part of it is the Vasil Hard Fork which everyone is expecting and is slated for the end of July. The hard Fork supposes to have been released but for the important bugs testing.

The proposal has been submitted for the developers and SPOs community to run tests on them. A few days ago, it was reported by Cryptolifedigital, the Hard Fork on the testnet that was a big step to its mainnet.

Also reported, the KortZ, a technical director of Open Source development at Cardano Foundation, gave a reassuring statement on the Hard Fork on mainnet which nothing would hinder.

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