Cardano Becomes The New Development Leader As It 3% Ahead Of Ethereum In Terms Of Github Active Contributors

In the recent tweet posted by Contora on the 12th of September, 2022, showed that it had revised its rankings for August, saying that Cardano had the highest development activity for the period.

Contora, a platform dedicated to tracking social and technology-related data on cryptocurrencies, stated:

“Our team analyzed the development activity of 7,400 crypto projects in August and improved our algorithms. Cardano is a new leader!” 

Per Contora, Cardano’s developers reached out after its initial ranking that positioned Ethereum as first and Cardano was nowhere to be found in the first 20.

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Following this, Contora came to the light that it has been tracking only the Cardano Foundation profile on Github and had not put the Input-output account into consideration.

Cardano Tops The Pack With 357 Active Github Contributors

In this regard, its new analysis shows that Cardano tops the pack with 357 active Github contributors. Cardano is almost 3% ahead of Ethereum in the number of active contributors.

It is worth noting that Cardano has been occupying the first position in the crypto market in terms of development activity for several months. For instance, Contora has been rating Cardano for ongoing projects on Cardano’s network such as the Vasil Hard Fork and increased dApps development.

Aside from these, Cardano also rolled out Mithril, a network optimization solution for stake pool operators (SPOs) testing. Additionally, a developer last Wednesday launched a wallet-to-wallet Cardano chat platform.

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Vasil is one of the most imminent hopes of the crypto industry as it is expected to bring a positive shift to the Cardano network.

Vasil Is Said To Improve Cardano’s Network

The Vasil is named after a faithful member of the community, Vasil Dabov and it is designed to bring scalability, smart contract functionality, and more security to the Cardano network.

It is worth noting that according to the Input-Output weekly development update, a Vasil test by community-driven NFT marketplace Artano revealed a 76-77% reduction in fees and a 92% reduction in transaction size.

Vasil To Go Live On 22nd September 2022

Cardano’s Vasil is slated to go live on the mainnet on the 22nd of September, 2022 as all the necessary arrangement has been put in place in preparation for the Vasil.

Recall, that the Vasil is been postponed twice to allow the engineers to carry out a further test on it ahead of its deployment on the mainnet.

Recently, the developers announced that the compatible node for the vasil, version 1.35.3 has been tested and found fit for the vasil upgrade.

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