Cardano Leads Grayscale Smart Contract Platform Ex-Ethereum (GSCPxE) Fund.

According to the exposure provided by the Grayscale Smart Contract Platform Ex-Ethereum (GSCPxE) Fund, Cardano occupies the highest market share. It has consistently retained that position.

Grayscale Investments in its quest to provide crypto exposures to clients has ventured into the crypto industry.

Every Grayscale fund (GSCPxE ) makes provision for an unequal exposure of seven Smart contract assets for investors.

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Cardano Leads Grayscale Smart Contract Platform Ex-Ethereum (GSCPxE) Fund

Per the screenshot, the fund contains 4.3 ADA, contributing 29.88% of the entire value of the fund. This ratio is the highest of any single asset.

Grayscale Record

Additionally, the fund contains approximately 0.044 SOL which contributes 21.30% of the fund’s value. Furthermore, there is 0.12 DOT in the fund, translating to a 13.69% contribution to its value. Other smart contract assets in the fund include Polygon (MATIC), Avalanche (AVAX), Cosmos (ATOM), and Algorand (ALGO).

GSCPxE Fund Currently Has A Value Of $6.84 Per Share

As stated in Grayscale’s updated data, the GSCPxE fund currently has a value of $6.84 per share. Each share contains 4.3 ADA (29.88%), 0.044 SOL (21.30%), 0.12 DOT (13.75%), 1.04 MATIC (13.69%), 0.036 AVAX (10.37%), 0.037 ATOM (8.23%), and 0.89 ALGO (4%). 

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The implication of Cardano dominating the list is a clear picture that the network is having a great affinity for growth.

However, the upcoming Vasil upgrade coming has been placing the Cardano network in various capacity as more application is being built on it.

Ahead of the vasil, various platform has been adding support as there is a clear possibility that the Market interest in Cardano will have a positive shift post-vasil.

Vasil Is Slated To Happen On September 22nd

It is worth noting that the Vasil is slated to take place on the 22nd of September, 2022, although it ought to have happened earlier before now it has to be postponed for the engineer to carry out further testing before its deployment on the mainnet.

It was recently reported that the Vasil candidate node, version 1.35.3, has been fully tested and found fit for the vasil as it has gotten almost 100% production of the block.

Due to recent market conditions, the fund is not performing quite well. It has seen a 16.48% decline in the past month. Additionally, its value has reduced by up to 54% since its inception.  

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