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Dogechain Launches Dogegress, The Dedicated Decentralized Governance Platform For Dogechain Projects

As gotten from the Dogechain Twitter handle; “Shibes, we have the pleasure to announce the launch of Dogegress, the dedicated decentralized governance platform for Dogechain projects.,” 

The update was shared on Wednesday, 21st September 2022. it is no doubt that the concept of Decentralization is to permit holders of an asset to have authority over their projects built on the blockchain, in this view, the Dogechain look forward to making this available to its community.

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Dogechain Team To Propose Governance Votes On Various Phases

As Dogechain is popularly known for governance tokens, at its inception, the Dogechain team will make known various development phases and projects of the network to the community for voting via the Dogegress platform.

“At launch, this platform will enable the Dogechain core team to propose governance votes on various development phases. This includes the upcoming Early Shibe vesting extension, using DC tokens.”

Early Shibes Vesting Extension

One of the projects presented by the Dogechain team is the Early Shibes Vesting Extension, whose voting process is a sign of the commencement of the governance platform. However, the community will be able to decide on whether the Early Shibes airdrop’s vesting period be increased from one year to four years or not.

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It is worth noting that the announcement of the Early Shibes Vesting Extension proposal comes up by 3 AM (UST) on September 22, 2022, and the team has vowed to guide on how to cast vote and make necessary information about the condition in exact time.

“Further down the road, the platform will also enable all project builders to create their proposals,” the DogechainFamily handle mentioned.

It is worth noting that all the tokens on the Dogechain network will be supported by the Dogegress platform. Consequently, various other project teams running on Dogechain will be able to make proposals for voting on their development phases as well.

Dogechain Launches Layer-2 Network

It was previously announced by the Dogechain on Monday, the launch of layer-2 network its unique naming service called “DogeNameService” 

Per the tweet, the Doge Name Service (DNS) will allow users to adopt “a readable .doge name instead of a long and hard-to-remember address.” More also, the naming service permits using unconventional characters such as custom text fields, avatars, and URLs to make the user’s domain name unique.

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