Dogechain Grows Bigger As Its Transaction Hits 50 Million And Total Unique Wallets Hits 244,000

The Dogechain kept moving amidst the criticisms as it recently recorded a spike in the transaction and amount of unique wallets.

Dogechain Has A Good Number Of Unique wallets

As gotten from the official handle of the Dogechain; “In just two months, #Dogechain has reached some incredible milestones. Two of the most impressive ones remain: 

  • 50 million transactions.
  • 244,000 unique wallets,”. as noted in the tweet

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In this view, the unofficial Layer 2 solution for the Dogecoin network, Dogechain, has taken out time to appreciate the community for its massive support. These accomplishments indicate the network’s growing adoption rate, which is only possible due to the community’s interest.

Dogechain is no doubt growing and with this current spike in the transaction and amount of unique wallets, Dogechain could reach the dogs in a short period.

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The Current Dogechain’s Transaction Spike 233%

Recall that as of September 5th, 2022, Dogechain’s transactions spiked to occupy the 15 million point which means that the current spike of 50 million represents about 233% in transactions.

Furthermore, Dogechain introduced its unique naming system dubbed Doge Name Service (DNS) on 19th September 2022.

In the quest to add more value to the Dogechain network, the team mentioned a buyback-and-burning initiative associated with the DNS tokenomics model.

A few time times after the DNS was introduced, the Dogegress would serve as a governance platform for projects on Dogechain.

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