Shib Burn Rate Spikes Over 1900% As Over 56 Million SHIB Is Incinerated

The SHIB Burn rate spiked significantly with over 1900% as the community set on fire a total of over 56 million SHIB.

According to the website that tracks the amount of SHIB burned,, Travis Johnson, the owner of the SHIB Super Store, set the majority of the SHIB on fire in the past 24 hours while the community initiated the remaining burns.

Shibburn record

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Details of the SHIB Burn.

  • Travis Johnson burnt most of the SHIB as stated earlier as he set 36.24 million SHIB on fire in a single transaction.

         A total of over 4 million as tracked by were sent to fire in almost the same period when Travis was conducting his burns.

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It is worth noting that Shiba Inu has got a lot of means to set SHIB on fire. For instance one of the community-led burns initiates, SHIB Super Store recently discovered burning SHIB via Fiverr.

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