The First Stage Of EVM-Compatible XRP Ledger Goes Live

In a recent tweet shared by RippleX, Introducing the first phase of bringing an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) sidechain to the XRP Ledger.

The XRP ledger seems to have been behind the curve in blockchain interoperability with the EVM, despite seeing massive growth in recent years. The whole thing will enter another level as the launch of the testing phase of XRPL’s EVM-compatible sidechain, as announced by the official Twitter account of XRPL Developers, RippleXDev.

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It is worth noting that Ethereum presently holds the position of the most versatile and utilized blockchain in cryptocurrency.

As popularly known that EVM is a program designed to execute smart contracts and computation of network states on Ethereum and has been implemented by several blockchain developers to launch dApps fully compatible with the Ethereum network.

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Benefits of EVM-compatible XRP Ledger

  • It will allow the developers to easily launch Ethereum smart contracts on the XRP ledger without any issues.
  • The above statement will expose the XRP ledger to a wider world due to Ethereum’s wider influence.
  • Also, XRPL gave a series of promises to the developers but its incompatibility with EVM has denied them from getting it with this side chain, the developers will have a chance of having the at once.

On this premise, Ethereum Virtual Machine developers are being called on to start the deployment tests on the recently-introduced sidechain as the bridge’s first stage goes live on the XRPL Devnet. This test is to be done while the feedback will be awaited on the  XRP Developers Discord channel.

The Software Engineer at Ripple, Mayukha Vadari, reveals the benefits that the developers would get as a result of the sidechain which is not limited to the high throughput and low transaction costs.

Phases of the Sidechain

There are three phases in the sidechain as highlighted by the Vadari which include;

  • The first stage is the testing
  • The second stage will allow participation from the public as it will go permissionless.
  • The third will be the final launch of the EVM which is slated for the second quarter of 2023.

“Throughout all three phases, the EVM sidechain will feature block and finality times comparable to the XRPL Mainnet and support Ethereum smart contracts and applications like Metamask, Remix, and Truffle,” Vadari added.

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