Terra Rebel Launches A Lottery Game On LUNC, It Will Enhances LUNC Burns


Terra Rebel tweeted that it had recently launched a lottery game on the LUNC network. According to the record, the application is the first of its kind on the network that is being launched by the team.

Terra Rebel Launches Lottery Game On LUNC Network

The users are invited to look up the DApps on Terra Rebel’s website to participate, in the process, they will be asked to connect their Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) wallet. 

As gotten from the detail shared on Twitter, one lottery ticket costs only 5000 LUNC (approximately $1.25 at current rates). Notably, the game will select a winner at the end of each round which spans seven days.

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Details Of The Lottery Game

More also, the full gist of the DApp on the Terra Rebels Discord noted that the winner will be entitled to 60% of the pool. The remaining 40% will be shared as follows:

  • 26% to the burn wallet
  • 6% to the builders of the DApp
  • 7% to the Rebels
  • 1% to be held in contract reserve

Following the announcement, a user appreciated the achievement saying that an entire project built with a lottery game as its focus spent months in development and still struggles to operate optimally.

He further that the game created by the Terra Rebel works with any stress. While this person was speaking, some other users still complaining that the app is not working on Android and what a view.

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The new game presents an exciting opportunity for the community to reduce the LUNC supply while still offering utility.

Also, it was noted that buying the ticket is an on-chain transaction that would also be subject to the ongoing proposal of 0.2% tax leading to more LUNC burn.

Recall that the Terra classic developer notes that the community should expect DEX soon following the announcement of the code to re-open the IBC protocol.

It is no doubt that the LUNC community is working to reduce the LUNC supply as each of their projects released portrays that act of LUNC burn. The DApp from the Terra Rebels represents a significant step toward utility.

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