Terra Rebel Rewards Lottery Game Winner With 24 Million LUNC, 10.5 million Is Burned


Terra Rebel unveiled the first rounds of its lottery game rewards winner with a total of 24 million LUNC as the game came to its end while the 10.5 million of this total were set on fire.

Recall that Terra Rebel tweeted that it had recently launched a lottery game on the LUNC network. According to the record, the application is the first of its kind on the network that is being launched by the team.

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The users are invited to look up the DApps on Terra Rebel’s website to participate, in the process, they will be asked to connect their Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) wallet. 

As gotten from the detail shared on Twitter, one lottery ticket costs only 5000 LUNC (approximately $1.25 at current rates). Notably, the game will select a winner at the end of each round which spans seven days.

The lottery game Rewards Winners Also burns LUNC

The inception of the game was pleasing to the community as many were happy at the end of the first rounds. One of the users was saying that it was a “great initiative,” as users stand a chance of winning prizes for supporting the LUNC burn, urging people to involve in the game.

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It is worth noting that while the second round is already on, it was said that those who still need clarification about how to participate can follow a guide shared by reXx of the Terra Rebels today to direct users. 

As gotten from the tweet shared by reXx, saying that users only have to navigate to the “DAPPS” tab on the Terra Rebels website, cautioning users to be wary of scam websites as the game will require them to connect their wallets.


Lottery Game finally contributes to the LUNC reduction

It is worth noting that the game is working the way it was said as it has led to the burning of over 10 million, contributing to the community ideology of reducing the total supply.

However, the next LUNC network upgrade comes up by Q4 2022 as stated by the developers while the network is ready to re-open the IBC protocol as the code for the purpose has been made ready.

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