Proposal 6082 Is Officially Live, Users Need To Deposit 1 Million LUNC To Start Voting On Terra Classic Proposal

In the previous report, it was noted that Terra Classic came up with the idea of proposal 6082 which is designed for the invasion of scams into the network.

Proposal 6082 Is Now Live To Fight Scams

According to a tweet shared by the Famous community influencer Classy Crypto who authored the proposal, saying proposal 6082 is now live with a total of 99.83% votes in favour of it.

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In the previous report, the community members must deposit 500,000 LUNC to submit a governance proposal on the Terra station and also, and users would be made to deposit an additional 1 million LUNC to start voting on the proposal. However, both metrics stood at 0 and 345,000 LUNC before proposal 6082.

The Classy Crypto said that he had gotten a lot of complaints from members of his audience who were the victim of these scams and in this regard when talking with the core developer, Edward Kim and Terra admin, ClanMudhorn, it was agreed that the community had to raise the minimum requirements to make proposals on the Terra Station.

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It is worth noting that while this proposal was pleasing to most community members saying this is a critical step to fighting the scams via their Twitter handle, some other community members didn’t see the proposal as securing the network from scams.

For instance, StrathCole, a member of the LUNCPenguins, another group also helping with developmental activity, disclosed that he voted no to the proposal for these reasons. He further said that while working on this proposal, it would be better if more scam warnings can be created to inform users.

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