Terra Classic Network Upgrade (v23) Is Set To Occur In Q4 2022


The recent development revealed that the Terra classic is a few distances from becoming fully Cosmo Interoperable as a much anticipated v23 upgrade is slated to come up in December 2022 (Q4 2022).

Terra Classic v23 Upgrade comes Q4 2022: Terra Rebel

Terra Rebel, the group of developers behind the LUNC network, tweeted recently saying that it is ready to roll out the v23 upgrade and re-open Inter Blockchain Communication in Q4 2022, sharing the thoughts of core developer Edward Kim.

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Terra Rebel noted; ” … we’re looking at reworking the underlying Cosmos tender mint skeleton and upgrading vanilla Cosmos 45.8 And then upgrade to Tendermint v34,” core developer Edward Kim said in the Terra Rebels roadmap Ask Me Anything (AMA) clip shared. “if you look at what Jacob Gadikian has done for … Osmosis Notional and Osmosis, they upgraded to 45.9.

Zaradar Works On Tendermint Upgrade

It is worth noting that while Edward Kim’s work continues, he also revealed that his fellow developer, Tobias knew Zaradar, is presently working on upgrading the Tendermint to v37 and he also made known that there are several things Zaradar will work around owing to the changes in Tendermint. However, Edward added that completing this will allow for the implementation of CosWasm v1.0.0.

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Notably, Cryptolifedigital has previously reported that re-opening Inter-Blockchain communication will permit the network to be fully interoperable with the Cosmo network as the upgrade include the CosWasm.

It is worth noting that the full Cosmo interoperability will be completed by December as the CosWasm upgrade needed to achieve this full functionality will come with the v23 Terra classic upgrade which is slated to happen in December.

Benefits of IBC

  • It enables the interaction and transfer of the value across independent Cosmo chains just like it was working before the Terra collapse.
  • Re-enabling the IBC will help access trapped liquidity and improve the chain’s utility.

It is worth noting that Cosmos and Tendermint upgrades will also make the network compatible with decentralized applications building on Luna v2.

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