There Has Been Dispute Emergence Among The Terra Classic Developers Over the Casino Code Theft. Here’s Why

There has been a dispute among the Terra Classic developers following the Casino code theft. Recall that the Casino is set to launch on the Terra classic network before the emergence of the theft controversy.

Rex Harrison also known as Rexzy, a senior member of the TerraCVita, an independent Terra Classic development group, shared a tweet, to ascertain the launch of a Casino on the Terra Classic network.

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Casino code theft brings Disputes among the Terra Classic developers

Per the tweet, Rexzy noted that the casino and OWLDAO, the 7th largest decentralized app in crypto, as the partner behind the casino.

It is worth noting that idea of the Casino was joyfully received and accepted by the community although was before the @terra_casino, AKA TerraCasino.Money accused Rexzy and the TerraCVita of stealing their launch and vendor partners.

The group claims to have sought help from Rexzy during the review process with OWLDAO. As implied, they allege that they reached an agreement with Rexzy to use his influence to ensure cooperation with OWLDAO, but Rexzy went behind their backs to steal the partnership.

TerraCasino.Money Prompts Community’s Reaction

In a recent tweet shared by the TerraCasino.Money has prompted a lot of responses from some of the prominent members of the Terra Rebel seemingly pitting the developer team behind the Terra Classic, Terra Rebel against the TerraCVita.

For instance, one of the developers and authors of the LUNC proposal, Tobias Andersen also known as Zaradar, tagged the tweet released by TerraCasino.Money “Not Cool” and immediately got a retweet from Vegas.

Consequently, their comment about Zaradar got a response from Rexzy, saying that he made an opinion without knowing the facts.

Aside from the above responses, some of the other users raised concerns about the lack of proof from TerraCasino.Money to have a strong and undiluted backing for his allegations.

Regarding the claims of the TerraCaso9no.Money, OWLDAO shared a post to do justice to the situation, saying OWLDAO has attempted to work only with known community teams and communities with its toke and a robust ecosystem to get rid of operating with rug pulls.

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In this premise, OWLDAO revealed that LuncWin had falsely claimed to be a key member of TerraCVita with close ties to influential community members like Vegas and LUNC DAO.

It is worth noting that LuncWin failed to prove this as he could not get an endorsement from these community members. Furthermore, he raised red flags by hinting at issuing a new token and NFTs, all while asserting that he spoke for the Terra Classic community.

Rexzy asserted in his recent Discord chat; “I have certainly not stolen LUNCWINS’ idea for this casino,” and further said  “It was simply not their idea to steal, and they never had a relationship with OWLDAO. However, the in-depth truth is that LUNCWIN simply could not pass the requirements of the master casino provider who is OWLDAO.”

Discord Chat

While both TerraCasino.Money and LUNCWin continue in their argument, the LUNCDAO confirmed that they have no relationship with LuncWin despite its claims otherwise in communication with OWLDAO.

While the dispute kept on, the Classy advised the whole community to work in unity before forgetting each other differences.

“Can we put aside our differences & work as we did before?” Classy urged in a tweet today. “What we’ve done is incredible thus far. Let’s keep it alive.”

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