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Terra Classic Currently Votes On The Proposal To Repeal The Reminting Of 50% LUNC Burns Allocated To The Community Pool. How Good Is This?

The recent proposal which is being voted upon currently stated that the reminting of 50% of all Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) burns allocated to the community pool at the end of every epoch. 

Terra Classic Votes To Repeal Reminting 50% LUNC Burns

The latest proposal with ID 11111 suggests that the parameter be returned to 10% from the original parameter change that reduced the on-chain tax to 0.2%.

Matt’s Market (@MarktMatts), who authored the latest proposal, argues that the current 50% reminting rate risked alienating supporters of the Terra Classic community who did not consent to this change.

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Notably, in the course of the voting process for proposal 10893, there are a lot of difficulties faced for the same reason, as well as a concern as to what effect could the proposal have on the LUNC burns rate which has slowed down significantly in recent weeks. At the time, CosmosCapybara argued that the change was necessary to sustainably fund development activity on the network.

However, proposal 1111 has already received support from TerraCVita, n independent Terra Classic development group, buttering the repealing of the proposal, saying that it takes the reminting  takes “advantage of the goodwill of others.”

” We voted yes to support prop 11111. The repeal of the reminting of 50% of the burned LUNC. We did this because we feel this is taking advantage of the goodwill of others that tried to fulfil the wishes of the community to conduct burning.”

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The previous post revealed that one of the prominent Terra Classic community members, Classy Crypto, recently updated the community that has initiated 100% burns of all the commissions he realized from his LUNC validator, Classy’s Crypto Sphere in a single burn transaction together with extra tokens.

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