Whales Move Over 187 Million XRP, Ripple Transfer 100,000,000 XRP Tokens


The rate at which transactions are being done on the Ripple chain is amazing and this is a clear indication that the network is improving and whales are seeing a brighter side of the XRP tokens.

The record collated by the Whale Alert reveals that a massive amount of XRP was moved by whales in the past hours.

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Ripple Moves 100 Million XRP Tokens

Data provided by Whale Alert shows that the blockchain company transferred a whopping 100 million XRP tokens to an unknown wallet. At the time, the transaction was worth $49.16 million. 

However, the receiver was unknown at the time the news was collated but the transaction is related to Ripple’s ODL solution and in this view, there I a possibility that Ripple made the transfer to a client of its ODL solution. 

Ripple Moves 100,000,000XRP

Whales Move Over 187 Million XRP

Another whopping 187,784,164 XRP was noted transferred aside from the 100 million XRP moved by Ripple.

According to the Whale Alert’s report, an anonymous whale moved a total of 20 million XRP worth $9.96 million to an address on the Philippines-based cryptocurrency exchange, Coins.ph.

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Not long after the first transaction, there was a massive movement of 27,791,564 XRP worth $13.87 million from Bitstamp to an unknown wallet.

on the same premise, the Whale Alert noted another transfer which involved the movement of 30 million XRP ($15.05 million) to an address on the Bitstamp exchange.

An unknown whale withdrew a total of 44,992,600 (44.9 million) XRP worth $22.52 million from Bitstamp.

Whale Alert also captured the transfer of 30 million XRP by an unknown whale into a Bitstamp exchange, an ODL’s partner alongside another massive transfer that involve a whale withdrawing a total of 35 million XRP tokens.

In a nutshell, there are over 287 million XRP that were moved in seven separate transactions and the total transaction is worth $92.93 million at the current exchange rate.

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