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Some Community Members Doubt LUNC Hits $1. What Do You Think?

Surprisingly, many in the community have no hope of the LUNC hits $1 in the next 20 years. Although the crypto market has been up and down over time, the community of Terra Classic hasn’t relented in summing up their effort to make the coin the best in the crypto industry.

An opinion of the community was captured on the Twitter poll created by crypto influencer Asobs, saying whether the LUNC community believes the token could hit $1 by 2043. 

LUNC Hits $1

According to the final result, the poll attracted a total of 412 votes, out of which 31.6%, representing 130 participants, believe the crypto asset will not reach the $1 mark in the next 20 years. However, 68.4%, representing 282 respondents, consider the value of LUNC will hit the $1 target within the specified period. 

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Following the poll result, the poll author, Asobs, responded, expressing his surprise that over 31% of participants do not see LUNC reaching the $1 mark in the next two decades. To revive the community’s hope in the Terra Classic project, Asobs asserted that LUNC could hit the $1 mark even before 20 years. 

As deduced from the poll result, showed that some of the community members are gradually losing hope in the project despite the ongoing efforts made by different independent development groups, including TerraCVita, to revive the value of LUNC.  

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Another tweet shared by the Luna Classic supporter (LUNC), says that one day will come when CZ will burn all the LUNC he has, and then LUNC will spike hard and it will hit $1.

“One day will come to CZ and will burn all LUNC that he has, then LUNC will pump hard and it will hit 1$”

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