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Over 581 Million XRP Were Reshuffled By Ripple’s Whales.

Another XRP reshuffled was initiated between the exchanges and the unknown wallet. According to the Whale Alert, 581,357,954 (581.35 million) XRP were reshuffled by Ripple whales of which 50 million XRP worth approximately $18.74 million was transferred from Ripple to an unknown wallet three hours ago.

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Over 421 Million XRP Were Reshuffled A Week Ago

Per data from the whale alert, a whooping 421,219,375 (421.21 million) XRP tokens have been shuffled between cryptocurrency exchanges and unknown wallets a week ago. At the current exchange rate, the funds were worth $379.58 million. 

As gotten from the whale alert, these transactions mainly involved Ripple’s ODL crypto exchange partners like Bitso and Bitstamp.

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