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Cardano-Based Mobile Partners With Immunify.Life To Bring Healthcare Services To Disconnected African Countries

While Cardano has become popular with research that to enhance the crypto sphere, the company has not limited its feather to the research alone but also spread its tentacle to the care for humanity just as gotten from the recent post saying Cardano-based mobile Partners With Immunify.Life.

Cardano-based mobile internet connectivity initiative recently partnered with Immunify.Life to provides online-based health solutions to many people living in disconnected and underserved African countries.

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Per the press release, Immunity.Life’s suite will extend the hands of healthcare to the African region via the partnership with Cardano-based mobile.

The Benefits of the Partnership Between immunify.Life And Cardano-Based Mobile

  • Via the partnership, Imunify.Life’s solution will be extended to places where World Mobile’s services are hosted.
  • There will be the provision of standard health services that will aid the medical outcomes in regions affected by poor data collation and utilization.

Per the Chief Executive Officer at Immune.Life, Guy Newing;  “We are thrilled to partner with a leading entity such as World Mobile in our fight for better health outcomes in poor and underdeveloped regions,” 

Facts About Cardano-Based Mobile

It is a mobile internet built on the Cardano network. It is designed to make connectivity across the globe simple and easy for people to enjoy the benefits of social collaboration, decentralized finance, etc.

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“We are delighted to be partnering with Immunify.Life to help bring healthcare data management solutions that will improve medical outcomes to the regions that need it most.”  Said Micky Watkins, the Co-Founder and CEO of the World Mobile.

Facts About Immunify.Life

It is a transformative and self-sustainable healthcare sphere secured by blockchain. It aims to transform the landscape of health management and data utilization. Per the post, it has been established for the past  60 years of working with highly experienced industries.

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