LUNC Burn Rate Hits 176,084% As Total LUNC Burn Hits Over 18 Billion.

In a recent tweet shared by the LUNC Burn, an official Twitter handle that monitors the ongoing burning of the LUNC tokens noted that a total of 18.12 billion and another tracker also noted that LUNC Burn Rate hits 176,084%.

The Binance’s burn is in no doubt increasing the number of LUNC token that has been set on fire concerning the ongoing LUNC tax burn proposal.

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LUNC Burn Rate Hits 176084% Point

Following Binance’s second round of LUNC trading burns, LUNC burn Tracker noted that the burn increased by 176,084% from the previous day.

It is worth noting that a prominent spike was noticed following Binance’s trading platform initiated another massive burn that claim a whopping almost 3 billion.

The largest cryptocurrency exchange initiated a burn of 2,992,563,505 LUNC worth around $922 million to the wallet. Binance’s recent incineration of nearly 3 billion LUNC tokens spiked the Luna Classic daily burns by 176,084%.

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Recall that the Binance exchange added support for the LUNC 1.2% tax burn some weeks ago but took its support in a different pattern entirely as it implemented it on all fees obtained from LUNC spot and margin trading pairs in a bid to make victims of Terra collapse whole again. 

It’s barely a week now that Binance started it’s his burn with a total of 5.5 million although not so pleasing to the LUNC community.

But some days after, Binance initiated a second round which claim almost 3 billion making the total Binance’s LUNC burn to be 8.5 billion.

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