Shiba Inu And A Few Other Cryptos Now Become A Payment Mode On Two Innovative Consumer Real Estate Platforms Via BitPay

Shiba Inu’s partner, BitPay, enters into a partnership with two innovative consumer real estate brands, Pacaso and to allow the estate platforms to start accepting a few cryptocurrencies including Shiba Inu.

It is worth noting that BitPay is a global leading cryptocurrency payment service provider, the update of its partnership with the two innovative consumer real estate came recently and the partnership promised to allow the customer to purchase estates with Shiba Inu and a few other cryptocurrencies.

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BitPay Partners Two Innovative Consumer Real Estate

As stated on BitPay’s official website buyers could use various cryptocurrencies to pay for their second home on Pacaso from October 20, 2022. The second Home is an extra residence, as at beaches, shores, or in the country, where one goes for vacations.

On the same premise, the Condo customers will be permitted to purchase new and pre-construction condos with the nascent asset class.

Facts about Pacaso

It is a leading real estate platform that aids its customers to purchase and co-own a luxury second home at a more affordable price while removing the typical hassles of homeownership.

It is worth noting that Pacaso has reached a $1 billion valuation and gained a “unicorn” status within six months of launch. Pacaso customers can now co-own homes across the U.S. and Europe in 40 markets.

Facts about Condos

Like Pacaso, Condos is a world digital marketplace focusing on providing customers with a simple and easy online condo-buying experience. Clients are facilitated by condo via an innovative developer-direct online condo sale service to enable them to search, reserve, and buy properties from their devices.

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The new update came as the demand for crypto globally increases over the past few months, making various real estate platforms exposed to the crypto industry.

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