Allnodes And LUNCDAO Initiate A Burning Of 30.4 Million And 22.2 Million LUNC Tokens Respectively

The activeness of the LUNC burns is a clear indication that the initiative is still very much on track as the Allnodes and LUNCDAO burned 30.4 million and 22.2 million yesterday.

The matter of the LUNC burns has been the core belief of the Terra classic community to bring the LUNC token to life since the May Terra collapse. There have been a lot of measures taken by the community to make sure the burning is effective.

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Allnodes And LUNCDAO Burn LUNC

The new burn update was revealed by the LUNC Burn’s official Twitter handle, saying; “Today we’ve had Allnodes burn 30.48m Lunc, we’ve had LUNCDAO burn 22.2m Lunc,” the handle disclosed in a tweet Monday. 

Furthermore, the LUNC burn seeks the opinion of the community on the rate at which the LUNC burns are executed by the current entities asking to know if initiating more projects that will aid the burns will be needed.

Allnodes’ Burn

On the same premise, the Allnodes and the LUNCDAO respectively brought to their Twitter handle the record of their recent burning.

 “30,481,097 LUNC were burnt earlier today by #Allnodes. Delegate to Allnodes and participate in our weekly ritual until the end of 2022,” Allnodes revealed in the early hours of Monday, as it shared proof of the burn transaction, which occurred on October 24, 5:53 AM (UTC+1).

Following this, the Terra Rebel’s member threw in a hand of appreciation commending the platform for its burns.

“Thank you #Allnodes for all your support in front of and behind the scenes supporting #TerraClassicCommunity, #TerraCVita, and so many other communities trying to make a difference and make #LUNC great again,” ReXx remarked. 

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In addition, the LUNCDAO also took to Twitter their burn record saying that its recent burning of 22.2 million LUNC will make it total burns since it started burning LUNC hits nearly 400 million.

LUNCDAO noted; “We cannot compete with Binance, but we were the first to burn and we will be the last. We love $LUNC more than anyone. The more stakers, the more we burn,” 

It is worth noting that at the moment the community has sent over 22 billion LUNC into the fire with Binance occupying the highest burner position as it recently burns 1.3 billion in its fourth round of LUNC burns.

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