Huobi Exchange Transfers Over 1.72 Trillion SHIB To Unknown Wallet, Whales’ Interest In Shiba Inu Increases

A whopping 1,726,855,546,531 (1.72 trillion) SHIB were captured and transferred from the Huobi exchange to an unknown wallet earlier today by blockchain data.

The asset was transferred worth almost $19.4 million at the time it was transferred with a token of $4.63 as a transfer fee.

Over 1.72 trillion SHIB Tokens Moves To Unknown Wallet From Huobi Exchange

Aside from the data from the blockchain, the Whale Alert also shared the transaction saying “1,726,855,546,531 #SHIB (19,398,804 USD) transferred from #Huobi to the unknown wallet,” 

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The Shib price is currently trading at the $0.00001117 point, and its value is down 2.5% in the last 24 hours.

The massive transaction indicates that the whales and investors are still much interested. Although the asset’s price is down by 87% from its all-time high of $0.00008616, investors are still confident that the cryptocurrency price will rally again.

The transaction was traced to the period after the team behind the asset launched its first collectable card game. This withdrawal shows investor interest in keeping his SHIB holding away from the exchange for the long term.

This level of confidence displayed by investors can also be attached to the fact that the meme coin is working tirelessly by launching several projects that could boost its value.

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It is worth noting that aside from the Shiba Eternity, collectible card and a few other projects that have been launched already, the Shiba Inu team is still working on launching other projects, including a stablecoin and a Layer-2 network, on expanding its utility.

Shiba Eternity Goes Live Yesterday

Per the report by Cryptolifedigital, the Shiba Eternity went live globally yesterday for both Android and iOS users to download. And also the lead developer had previously highlighted how the gain made from the game will be spent and also unveiled the role of Shibarium.

Canyon Art

Furthermore, the team Metaverse has been launching a lot of visuals of many sections to make the SHIB metaverse a better place. The recent launch on the metaverse was Canyon art which has a look at both the Rocket pond and WAGMI artwork. It is worth noting that all its inspiration was gotten from the US locations.

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